I have been passionate about photography since 2005, back when I had an Olympus C-60 digital compact camera and would go to gigs and photograph bands. Prior to this, I was relatively artistic through high school - though didn't have the patience for improving at shading technique, or for my Art tutor - this experience, fortunately, didn't lead to me losing all interest in creativity altogether.


Fast forward to college, an ill-fated attempt at studying a critical thinking course lead me to realise that I was critically bad at it and so I dropped the course, taking up photography instead. I followed that through to Foundation Degree level, and have worked as a freelance photographer since then with stints at photography printers, studios, and all manner of customer service jobs to pay the bills.

I decided to diversify my skillset in 2016, studying marketing online before landing my first marketing job with the UK's leading retirement housebuilder, McCarthy and Stone. Picking up graphic design skills and digital marketing along the way, three years later I am now the sole content producer and marketing output for mental health and boxing charity Empire Fighting Chance.

Bristol, England | kaneaaronrich@gmail.com

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