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Kane Rich is a Bristolian creative specialising in content for freelancers and small/medium businesses: This mainly focuses on photography, marketing, graphic design, creative writing, while also DJing in his spare time.

In his current full-time work as a marketing executive and in-house photographer/graphic designer for Bristol-based boxing/mental health charity Empire Fighting Chance, Kane gets to be creative daily, and despite not being classically trained in graphic design, he is still responsible for 90% of the design and copywriting of the charities social media and marketing collateral.


Kane has strived to work as a freelance photographer for the last 13 years, working for various publications and businesses such as Stella Artois, Crack Magazine, Nitelife Magazine, Alfresco Disco, Simple Things Festival, Crack Hops Beer, Burnt Soul, Thread, and many more.

As well as this, he was also the in-house photographer for a Royal visit from the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex to the Empire Fighting Chance boxing gym in Bristol in February 2019.

To make an enquiry about any of Kane's creative services, feel free to fill in the form below and he will get back to you.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the work presented here.



Bristol, England | kaneaaronrich@gmail.com

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